Catalogo corsi 2020

Forcepoint AP-WEB Web Administrator course (AP-WEB)


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Intended audience

  • End-User/Customers: System administrators, network security administrators, IT staff
  • Channel Partners: Sales Engineers, consultants, implementation specialists


  • During the three days, students will learn the features, components, and key integrations that enable the AP-WEB functionalities; how to administer policies, handle incidents, upgrade and manage and assess the health of the AP-WEB system. Students will develop skills in creating web policies, incident management, reporting, and system architecture and maintenance.

Course objectives

  • Understand the TRITON AP-WEB Components and Architecture
  • Understand common deployment topologies
  • Configure TRITON Manager
  • Understand delegated administration
  • Learn to update and upgrade AP-WEB
  • Understand Policy and filter basics
  • Perform policy planning tasks
  • Create effective web policies
  • Understand exception management
  • Understand different user management methods
  • Configure user identification and policy enforcement
  • Create notifications and Alerts
  • Understand report types and utilization
  • Create various reports
  • Understand system health alerts and usage monitor
  • Understand system disaster recovery procedures
  • Learn how to respond to incidents

Calendar 2020:

  • dal 17 al 19 marzo 2020 - Arrow Office Milano
  • dal 19 al 21 maggio 2020 - Arrow Office Milano
  • dal 28 al 30 luglio 2020 - Arrow Office Milano
  • dal 27 al 29 ottobre 2020 - Arrow Office Milano
  • dal 15 al 17 dicembre 2020 - Arrow Office Milano
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3 Days