Catalogo corsi 2019

Core DDI Intermediate Configuration (CDIC) Course (CDIC 7.3)

Course Description

  • Develop an advanced working knowledge of configuring and managing Infoblox network appliances running NIOS. Understand remote authentication, TSIG and GSS-TSIG, and implementing DNSSEC and Anycast services. Learn Dynamic DNS and how it functions with DNS/DHCP. Implement DHCP custom options and failover. Learn scheduled NIOS upgrade and DNS views.


  • Attendees should have completed Core DDI Basic Configuration (CDBC)

Target Audience

  • This is an intermediate-level course for team members who implement and configure or maintain and operate the Core DDI product.


  • Topics description:
    • Administration and remote authentication
    • TSIG and GSS-TSIG, what they do and how to implement them
    • Implementing DNSSEC
    • Configuring and activating DNS Anycast services
    • Dynamic DNS, how it functions with DNS/DHCP and DHCP option 81
    • Advanced DHCP options
    • DHCP failover implementation
    • Scheduled upgrades
    • DNS views

Calendar 2019:

  • Bundle CDBC+CDIC
    • dal 04 al 08 febbraio 2019 - Arrow Office
    • dal 17 al 21 giugno 2019 - Arrow Office
    • dal 30 settembre al 04 ottobre 2019 - Arrow Office



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2 Days