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Core DDI Advanced Troubleshooting (CDAT) Course (CDAT 7.3)

Course Description

  • Understand the Infoblox support process and tools available to assist your Core DDI troubleshooting efforts. Learn to build and troubleshoot high availability (HA) pairs and Grids. Study common root cause analysis and resolution strategies and techniques for network connectivity and DNS and DHCP issues. Use a case-study approach to apply your learnings to real-life failure scenarios and recovery methods.


  • Attendees should have completed their Core DDI Basic Configuration (CDBC) and Core DDI Intermediate Configuration (CDIC) courses and accreditations and have at least six months experience supporting Infoblox Core DDI products..

Target Audience

  • This is an advanced-level course for team members who provide day-to-day management, operations, and technical support of the Infoblox DDI product.


  • Topics description:
    • Understanding Infoblox support processes and tools
    • Troubleshooting network connectivity
    • Understanding the Infoblox support bundle
    • Building & troubleshooting highavailability (HA) pairs
    • Building & troubleshooting Grid
    • Understanding Grid issues and behavior
    • DNS troubleshooting strategies and finding and fixing common DNS issues
    • DHCP troubleshooting strategies and finding and fixing common DHCP issues
    • Applying course learnings to real-life scenarios and recovery methods.

Calendar 2019:

  • dal 11 al 12 febbraio 2019 - Arrow Office
  • dal 24 al 25 giugno 2019 - Arrow Office
  • dal 07 al 08 ottobre 2019 - Arrow Office



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2 Days